40 Dreams - What They Mean

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PLUS the 1 Dream You Must NEVER Have If You Want to Wake Up Alive

FREE Special Report includes many common dreams (plus their meanings)... from a biblical perspective... such as:

  • Dreams of being intimate with known or unknown persons
  • Dreams of eating and drinking (things you don’t even know)
  • Constantly seeing dead relatives or loved ones long dead
  • Dreams of being pursued by serpents, dogs, and other animals
  • Getting married in the dream (even to unknown persons)
  • Dreams of losing your shoes, bag, documents, etc.
  • Dreams of death
  • Dreams of sitting for exams (and not finishing before you wake up)
  • Dreams of walking naked or barefoot
  • Dreams of finding yourself in filthy places
  • Dreams of being arrested, attacked or pursued
  • Going back to the old house constantly in your dream
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"I just want to know the meaning of my dreams?"

  • Dreams of contacts with dead parents
  • Dreams of being attacked by armed persons
  • Dreams of being accused in court
  • Dreams of wearing tattered cloths
  • Dreams of entering vehicles or aircraft
  • Dreams of being without clothes
  • Dreams of having your things stolen
  • Dreams of having your wedding dress stolen
  • Dreams of unwanted intimacy with unknown people
  • Dreams of going back to childhood days
  • Dreams of garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables

For Christians Only:

Why it is not a good idea to forget your dreams by the time you wake up

There are good dreams and there are bad dreams.

If you are a Christian, there are biblical ways and prayers to help you cancel bad and ugly dreams, while claiming the good and wonderful.

What's more?

God can still speak through your dreams. He did it in the Bible. He still does TODAY!

This FREE Part 1 Course explains:

  • Why it is dangerous to forget your dreams when you wake up
  • The 3 prayers you must pray before going to bed to STOP having bad dreams and nightmares
  • The ONLY prayer you should pray immediately on waking up from a bad dream
  • Why the last 3 things you do before going to bed can show up in your dreams (and what to do about it)
  • You have heard of people who went to bed the previous night hale and hearty... only to sleep and never wake up again?
  • This free Part 1 Course REVEALS what really happens to those who unfortunately pass away in their sleep (and how to fortify yourself and your loved ones against such attacks).

This is a simple and easy-to-read course that...


... helps you to understand and interpret 40 common dreams and how to pray about them...

This Part 1 Course explains it all in simple, plain language, and you can read it all in less than 7 minutes!

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